YES, Burt & Scott!  I'm ready to activate my "franchise" & prepare my first listing on Amazon!  So now I need to integrate my Seller Central account with the Company's order management & product fulfillment warehouse.  I understand this will allow me to collect the money, YOU to do the work fulfilling orders... and then, as you promised, I only pay for products AFTER they've been sold!

I'm excited because I'll now be:
* integrated with a U.S.-based manufacturer making quality goods
* entitled to have unlimited products custom-manufactured for me
* shielded from competition with an Exclusive Marketing License
* prevented from having to manage inventory
* protected from running out of inventory
* relieved from having to handle inventory 

Basically, the one thing you won't do for me is count my profits!

Thanks for the Easy Monthly Plan,
since it's just like the monthly fee I already pay to Amazon - it's perfect!

I understand the regular price is $79.95/month but, as an "early adopter," I get the special discounted rate of just $39.95/mo. - meaning I save 50% FOR LIFE as long as I sustain my subscription!

Thank you for your order and we'll see you on the other side of this form...

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 Fail-Proof FBA (Professional Membership): "Franchise"/Company Integration
You will be billed $39.95 today and every month until you cancel.
NOTE: Your Pre-Launch "Early Adopter" status saves you half off the regular
fee of $79.95.  For a limited time, you can lock in a monthly
subscription for just $39.95!  You'll enjoy a price freeze for as long as you
continue your subscription.  This offer will end any time, without notice.

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I understand that my billing information will be Securely Stored and protected according to our strict Privacy Policy for rebilling purposes where applicable. I understand I'll enjoy an Exclusive Revocable License to all products custom made on my behalf (so as to protect my competitive advantage) so long as I abide by the license terms and maintain my Franchise in good standing.  I understand that, unlike my Proficient Membership (which is a product with a 14-day Refund Guarantee), my Professional "Franchise" Upgrade is a labor-intensive service that is non-refundable, but of course can be canceled at any time with no penalty or further obligation.