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  • How to avoid profit-killing time decay when playing news or earnings plays
  • The floor trader professional's secret of scalping stock while covered and protected instead of just trading naked
  • How to gain an almost unfair advantage over most other traders and investors
  • How to even hedge day trading and swing trading

This unique class reveals a technique of options trading so powerful (and one used by savvy options floor traders for years) - that former floor trading buddies would be extremely upset if they knew the beans were about to be spilled on one of their most cherished trading strategies.

The strategy is called "Gamma Trading" or "Gamma Scalping."

Once kept "under wraps" by the floor trading pros, Gamma Trading gives an almost unfair advantage to day-traders and swing traders. That's because it allows you to scalp stock while covered and protectedinstead of just trading naked.

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 Gamma Trading
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