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Affiliate Program Agreement ** Zero Tolerance - No SPAM Policy ** Before you start marketing our program as an active affiliate, it's VERY IMPORTANT that you understand and agree to the following terms: We do NOT allow any sending of bulk email or "spam" to promote our product -- no exceptions. We do NOT allow our affiliates to rent "opt in" lists to promote our product. The only "email" advertising we allow are the following: (You must agree to the terms at the bottom of this page to continue) 1. You can use one of your own "Email Signature" ads for your email client, so that any email you send will automatically promote the package for you. * However, you cannot send out spam or junk email for something else and include the email signature ad. If our product is promoted in anyway, shape, or form via spam (junk email) we will have no choice but to terminate you from our program. 2. If you already have an existing "ezine" (email newsletter) you can certainly use a pre-written "ezine ad" or article or write and send an endorsement of your own to your subscribers. * An "ezine" is NOT a list of names you bought or were promised to be "opt in". An ezine is one that was built one subscriber at a time with a web site that promoted the newsletter and people individually took action to subscribe to it. Sorry if this message seems so "harsh" but we have to have a "Zero Tolerance" spam policy to protect the integrity of our product and our program. We despise junk email and feel it is ruining the Internet. We will not support it in anyway, shape, or form. Notice About Fraud Unfortunately, this has to be said due to a small number of people that are damaging Internet commerce and affiliate programs in general... If you are planning to join our program as an affiliate to try and make some money by placing fake orders with stolen credit cards under your account, please don't waste your time. We verify and confirm all orders, and we use several steps of fraud protection -- from monitoring proxy server orders to tracking the delivery of any product we ship. Fraudulent orders will not be paid commissions on. Again, we must apologize for having to say all of this to you. The majority of people online are good, honest, and ethical people. However, unfortunately, there are some criminals online that are damaging online business. The only way the Internet will become a better place is to hold these people accountable, any chance we get. By registering for our affiliate program, you agree to these terms and conditions and agree never to send spam email offers to anyone. You must agree to these terms to be able to register as an affiliate. Affiliate Advertising and Promotional Policy All affiliates must agree not to create and distribute any non-SEC or FTC compliant marketing materials, in any format including email, print advertising, brochures, magazines that promotes our products or carries the company name of The Options University. It is your responsibility to know what is allowed, and not use 'hype' or other misleading promotions in your marketing of OU products. We specifically prohibit the distribution of any marketing and promotional materials that reference The Options University or our products or services at other company's events, seminars, trainings or boot-camps whether free or paid events. Any violation of these terms and conditions will result in the termination of our affiliate relationship.

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