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New Clean & Friendly User Interface

The new Cydec UI gives users a simple and easy to follow step-by-step setup for getting your new Cydec account up and running in the shortest possible time!

In Four easy steps you can have your Cydec system fully operational and taking orders in as little as 30 minutes. No other system offers this level of ease and speed.

You can also put Cydec in Test Mode with the click of a button, for simple one-click testing of your sales pages and upsell pages without actually processing any sales.

Video tutorials are available at the top right corner when you login for easy and immediate access to video help, as well as real-time ‘intercom’ chat assistance.

Lastly the integration script or ‘iscript’ allows you to include your own website URL in all order and/or affiliate links for enhanced branding and better email deliverability.

I’m so excited to have partnered with Cydec. This is going to be an awesome year. I know I need them and I’m so comfortable with everything that they’ve showed us! 

Sandra Dee Robinson

Charisma on Camera

Easy To Read Sales and Customer Data

Cydec’s simple and intuitive user interface allows you to quickly and easily access your sales information at your fingertips.

You can search sales by date range, search keyword, customer name, email, Credit card, direct sales vs. affiliate sales, by product name, sales status, or a combination.

Green circles indicated a successful completed sale, whereas Yellow is in pending status, Red is for refunds, White indicates a voided sale and Grey is a declined sale.

It’s truly a simple, fast, and easy way to  manage your business…

 I’ve tried all the other systems out there, but we trust Cydec to run our 7-figure business online. My team loves the simplicity, and I love the powerful sales conversion technology that makes me money day after day, while I sleep!

Michael Taggart, Marketing Expert

Cydec helped me systematize my business to make sure that my business was running full force, to be able to help as many people as possible.

If you’re looking for a company to help you systematize your business, to help you generate more revenue, so that you can go out there and create and attract more customers… then Cydec is the company for you!

Eric Frady

Mastermind Traders

Easy to Use Email Builder With Templates

Customers love our simple, fast and easy to use email builder that resembles other popular and already familiar software.  Our custom WYSIWYG builder ensures that “What You See is What You Get” when building your emails in real-time.

Use the HTML preview button to see exactly what your email will look like, and also send yourself a text preview to ensure your emails always look perfect before sending them out. You can also load and save email templates for easy re-use.

Advanced features include creating email ‘Groups’ for laser targeting across multiple email lists, re-sending to opens / non-opens, clicks / non-clicks, and also easy sharing of your autoresponder email sequences between lists.

Monitor Your Key Performance Indicators

It’s one thing to know what your sales were yesterday, last week, and last month. But successful business owners need to know what projected recurring sales will be tomorrow, next week, and next month. 

Cydec’s easy to read sales dashboards allow you to quickly see where your sales are coming from, which products are your big winners, and most importantly what your cash projections are and what’s coming in. Most business owners have no idea.

Hi, I’m Dr Tom Taylor, coauthor of the Book Clean House and we’re moving all of our sites, all of our automated sales and marketing from Infusionsoft to Cydec. For me Cydec was a simple choice. It makes good business sense financially. We can add to our bottom line just by changing over to Cydec and not bleeding like we were with infusionsoft. 

Dr. Tom Taylor

Author Clean House

A key critical factor in your business success is knowing what you can afford to acquire a customer for. If your Average Customer Value (ACV) is greater than your Cost to Acquire a customer (CAC) then you’re able to grow.  If it’s less, you’re on your way out of business… 

The Cydec Company Performance dashboard shows you at a glance what your ACV is at 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, annually and lifetime.  ACV > CAC = Ideal business growth.


Easy To Customize Order Forms With No Coding

Cydec was an early pioneer of the Custom Order Form. Before anyone else offered a way for a non-programmer to build and customize an order form, we built one…

Using a familiar WYSIWYG editor, you can quickly and easily add and edit text, video, images (you can upload to our servers and store in folders you create), and easily customize the colors of your order forms to match your website or upload CSS.

You can even add Facebook and Google tracking pixels, access the order form HTML, create discounts, coupon codes, custom TOS, and custom order buttons.

The reason I invested, I saw companies that had gone 2x, 3x, 5x their sales… There were even some companies getting 10x more sales using Cydec. I think you’re going to see that it can really change your business and explode your company!

Kevin Harrington, Shark Tank

Reduce Order Form Abandonment With Exit Offers

Our unique order form exit-intent offers can reduce order form abandonment by up to 80% in our testing, allowing you to recapture more sales and increase average order value by up to 10x with upsell offers. This is truly game-changing for sales.

Easily create attractive exit offers using our exit-pop up builder without ever having to use any HTML or coding in minutes. Anyone can create powerful exit offers with custom colors, text, images, and even embedded video. Increase your sales today!

This one powerful feature has the potential to dramatically increase your customer conversions, meaning more sales and profits to the bottom line. 

Schedule a Demo

To schedule a free private demo to see for yourself how powerful the Cydec platform is (yet fast and simple to use) click the button below.

Easy To Use and Setup Affiliate Center

The Cydec affiliate center is Second to none. Capable of handling small to large-scale product launches with ease, and unlimited affiliates, with powerful and easy to use tools and statistics like conversion rates, EPC’s, ROI, sub-affiliates, and ad tracking… 

The Cydec technology has changed my life, it has changed my business. What took me 3 years to earn my first million, now with the technology that you’ve created, allows people to do it in a fraction of time… Jump on it right now!

Les Brown

Public Speaker

Robust Affiliate Product Links and Creatives Portal

Your affiliates will love the easy to use and setup Cydec affiliate center which allows affiliates to quickly access promotional links and creatives with one-click copying.

Upload and setup unlimited banners, emails, articles, blog posts, and webinar links. Cydec even offers a real-time affiliate leaderboards for nudging your top affiliates to sell more during product launches. 

I have tested many other tools that claimed to be the “ultimate all in one online marketing solution” but they only over-promised and under-deliverd. I searched for a powerful software that would help me save tons of money and time and with Cydec I have finally found it! This program is plain simple but the most powerful software that I could find. 

Nicolay Strzelczyk


Easy Ad Tracking Links For Facebook, Google, and More

Most big companies know that only half of their advertising is working. They just don’t know which half. As an online solopreneur, you need to know what’s working.

Easily setup tracking links, and ad-group categories for all of your advertising to stay on top of and scale profitable campaigns while turning off unprofitable ones.

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