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“Cydec is a refreshing model of simplicity in an industry ruled (and haunted) by complexity.” - Ariel, Southern Media

Company News

  • May11

    NMI Integration

    We are now fully integrated with the payment processor Network Merchants Inc., (NMI)

  • May03

    Discount Groups

    We are excited to roll out advanced functionality that allows you to offer special discounts to your existing customers. Add a discount function to the Order Form, and if a customer qualifies for the discount their email will unlock the discount which is instantly subtracted from their order’s total.

  • Apr24

    Blocked User Database

    Do you have a customer who is always purchasing products just to process a charge back later? Now, you can add that customers name and email address to Blocked Users, and if that person tries to make a purchase they’ll see an error message telling them to contact support.