Custom Order Forms and Shopping Carts

The shopping cart is equally adept at handling digital products (including secure digital product & membership form delivery), and tangible, offline products (including variable shipping & tax calculations). This Module gives you:

  • Freedom from complicated CGI programming! Our dummy-proof wizard lets you tell us what you want, then just click a button and you get it! Background images, custom colors — the sky’s the limit. Or use one of our professionally-designed default pages and have your form up in seconds.
  • Real-time credit card acceptance with your existing Merchant Account through many of the major processing gateways — including, and Network Merchants Inc..
  • NEW! Advanced recurring billing gives you the flexibility to offer free or specially priced trials, multiple recurring periods and pricing with term discounts calculated automatically. You even pay recurring commissions on rebills!
  • Secure digital product delivery using Cloak Technology so customers can download your product without knowing its location!
  • Automatic download link expiration after 24 hours to ensure that only paid customers get access to your stuff. You can even select multiple “bonus items” to be downloaded with the product and offer further incentives to increase your sales. This system will automatically create the appropriate download page!
  • Power Feature! Extended download options allow you to extend the download link expiration for a day, a year or indefinitely. You can make this extended download available for free or for an extra fee, and the option will appear on your order form automatically! Use this to create an instant upsell or value-add to your offer.
  • Customizable HTML “thank you” pages for each product. Use order variables to completely personalize your customer’s experience.
  • Automatic affiliate program integration. Imagine never having to figure out who earned what again! Let the system sort it out for you using the affiliate rules you set up! And use this foolproof affiliate tracking to attract new affiliates, too!
  • Simple Up-selling on either the order forms or thank you pages. It’s as easy as adding a link to you web pages!
  • Power Feature! Forced continuity. Now you can sell a front-end product for one price today, give your customers a free trial to your membership program and automatically rebill them each and every month (or on whatever time period you choose).

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