Membership Management Integration

Cydec is now fully integrated with several popular membership management systems, including Wishlist Member. This integration makes running your membership site a snap:

  • Fully Integrated systems allows for automatic account creation, suspension, upgrades and downgrades based on payment history.
  • Automatic Account Creation means that once you enter a few simple details in each of your systems, you don’t have to manage your members manually. When customers make a purchase, their account is automatically created in your members area and set to the correct membership level depending on which product they purchased.
  • Automatic Downgrades prevents people from cheating you. If one of your members ever stops paying, Cydec will notify your membership software and tell it to downgrade the member so they can no longer access your paid content.
  • Order History shows your customers a history of every order they’ve placed with you including the status of each order. This way your customers can quickly see if their order has been processed or if a refund has been issued without having to ask you!
  • WordPress Integration! WordPress is by far the easiest and best content management system available today, and it keeps getting better because it’s open source. Plus it allows you to run a blog, so you have everything you need in one place. And now you can even run a membership site on your WordPress blog using this wordpress membership plugin, which is completely integrated with Cydec!

It worked perfectly in just a few minutes…

“The ability to use my PayPal account for processing made the decision easy for me to go with Cydec. I setup my first product and had it working perfectly with PayPal in just a few minutes.” – Chip Ashby

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