Who Needs Cydec? You Do!

In today’s fast-paced world, customers demand your attention now. They want you to be fast, accurate, to give them what they want now. And if you can’t give it to them, they’ll take their business somewhere else — right now!

Because your customers are just like you:

  • Ever visited a site where you couldn’t easily find the “Pay Here” button? Bet you left without paying.
  • Ever seen a site that wouldn’t take your credit card? You know, the one that said, “Send us a certified check or money order…”? Did you ever mail that check? We bet you didn’t.
  • Ever shopped on a site that looked, well, a little less than professional? We bet you didn’t spend money with them either.

Let’s face it: Any site that makes you wait, makes you work, or makes you wonder what the heck they’re doing while you sit there waiting for things to happen, chances are you’re not spending money with those people.

If you didn’t spend with them, how many other places were more than happy to take your money, even made it easy for you? A lot more, I’m sure.

People love convenience. Making a prospect work to spend money with you and become your customer is a fundamental business sin, because:

  1. They’re trying to give you money, not the other way around.
  2. It you don’t make it easy for them, someone else will.
  3. It’s just not necessary. Not when there’s Cydec!

We don’t want you to be the site that makes your clients work. And we won’t make you work to achieve total service. Well, not very hard anyway.

Here’s our promise:

THE 57-Minute SET-UP Guarantee!

Automate almost your entire Internet business in just 57 minutes flat — guaranteed! Yes, you read that right: Under an hour. Because we did all the hard work, all you have to do is plug it in. It’s as simple as that.

And here’s our satisfaction guarantee:

If within 30 days you’re not completely satisfied… If Cydec does not make it simple to automate your website and easy for your customers to do business with you… If you don’t have the most kick-butt customer, marketing, and affiliate tools you’ve ever had…

We’ll give you your money back!

No excuses, no questions asked. Because if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. But I have to tell you, we don’t very often give back money, because our customers ARE happy. Why? One simple reason:

We make our customers money. Period.

It’s in my top 5

“Cydec has everything you will need for immediate and continued success. It’s in my top 5.” — Michael T. Glaspie, BannersGoMLM.com

Your Membership to Cydec gives you…

  • Instant automation of your entire ebusiness
  • Increased profits through automated up-selling and follow-up
  • Decreased time running business through automation
  • Increased affiliate sales through automated tools and
  • Decreased expenses with in-depth tracking tools
  • Increased newsletter with subscriptions tools
  • Decreased theft with encrypted digital delivery module
  • Increased sales, profit, newsletter, and affiliate base
    while decreasing your work-load and time investment

An entire automated ebusiness in under an hour!

What would you pay for this if you bought it all separately? One of the reasons this kind of automation used to be the exclusive reserve of the big players is cost. (It all adds up!) Think about it:

What you’ll need… Setup Monthly With Us!
Affiliate program software:
(and reliable software too!)
$799.00 $50.00 Included!
Ad trackers and sales calculators:
(to track leads, ROI, ratios,
$20.00 $19.95 Included!
Secure, real-time ordering:
(for credit card processing)
$299.00 $25.00 Included!
Digital product delivery:
(usually a separate module
— and added price!)
$150.00 $15.00 Included!
Follow-up autoresponders:
(price for each, and you’ll
probably need at least 3 of them — I use tons!)
X 3
X 3
Customer targeting tools:
(see who’s buying what and
when — and up- and cross-sell them easily!)
$120.00 $99.00 Included!
Email list management:
(your list is your lifeblood!)
$50.00 $99.00 Included!
Customer Center:
(brand new CRM tool packed with power features!)
$24.95 $24.95 Included!
1-Click Upsell:
(this is not available ANYWHERE, so you’d have to have it custom programed)
$150.00 (updates) Included!
Admin fees:
(to get all the parts working together)
$200.00 (maintenance) Included!

Total cost if you do it yourself:
(let alone the time and effort!)
At least

At least

As low as


Can you imagine spending over twelve grand upfront, and then the equivalent of a mortgage payment every single month just to test the waters of Internet marketing? All in the hopes — not the knowledge, mind you, but the hopes — that you’ll make money?

That would be utterly crazy. And that’s one more reason we’re better.

In addition to all the benefits you get — the complete, integrated system, the world-class tools designed by Internet marketers for Internet marketers, the ease of use — there’s one feature we offer that no one else does:

You CAN afford Cydec!

You get the tools that the big guns use, the peace of mind of knowing you’re doing all that you can, and the ability to do even more — a lot more! To recap, you get…

  • Ad tracking
  • Affiliate program management
  • Email and follow-up system
  • Real-time order processing with integrated shopping cart
  • Instant back-end selling
  • A secure digital delivery module
  • Powerful marketing an reporting tools

All of this — up to a $12,000 value — for only $2.73 a day! Compare that to the over $700 a month it would cost you if purchased separately!

PLUS, we’re so excited with the brand new release of our many new features (powered by Cydec —) you get hundreds of new features and enhancements, and a powerful Cydec Software core — that we have decided to make this incredible offer.

To Celebrate the Release of all these new features…

We’re offering this amazing package a low introductory rate of $2.73/day. If you sign up today you will be given the 1-Click Upsell system for FREE! Based on revenue increases, this should be a stand-alone feature at $200/mo, but it’s yours free today. So you must act NOW!

Stunned at how easy it is to use

“I purchased expensive mail automation software from a well known marketing site and hoped it would be the answer to my prayers. To be honest, it requires so much attention and fiddling that I rarely bother to use it. But during the last couple of days I’ve been trying the sequential autoresponders in Cydec – and am stunned at how easy they are to use.” — David Carter


  • No more hassles when it comes to paying affiliates
  • No more headaches trying to get your order system to work
  • No more hair-loss wondering what campaigns are successful
  • No more sleepless nights trying to get it all to work together!

Stop imagining and start doing something about it — and you get the Customer Center Free if you act fast! So what are you waiting for? Click to get started in just 27 seconds risk-free!


Brett Fogle

PS: It’s worth mentioning again that you don’t need a merchant account to use Cydec’s eBusiness automation system! Click here for a full list of your payment processing options, and try the system out now!

PPS: Remember, we’re celebrating the release of the 1-Click Upsell System by giving it to you free. This would normally be a $200/mo add-on module, and we can not guarantee how long this offer will last. So we urge you to act today before it’s gone!

PPPS: Picture John D. Rockefeller pumping gas at his own stations: How ridiculous is that? Well, that’s what you’re doing right now — and you know that’s not the way to get rich. Automation is the key, and Cydec brings you the automation you need to stop doing it all by yourself.

Doesn’t get any easier than using Cydec!

“Cydec is one of the fastest and easiest ways to automate your credit card processing, follow-up marketing and affiliate program. The point-and-click interface makes the whole process a snap… nothing can get you selling (and profiting) so fast online. Believe me, after processing tens of thousands of orders online, I can safely say that selling products, recruiting affiliates and automating your Internet ventures doesn’t get any easier than using Cydec!” — Lee Benson