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Credit Card Processing


Having your own merchant account adds to your credibilty as an eMerchant, and can increase your sale by up to 547%!

For our US Merchants, we’ve put together an amazing deal for you with our preferred merchant partner. You’ll get the best rates available, no long-term contracts, and no application fees. If you live in the United States, click here to apply for a merchant account.

  • NO Application Fee
  • INSTANT Activation
  • FREE Setup
  • FREE AuthorizeNet

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Now you can take advantage of Cydec’s eBusines Automation System even if you don’t have a merchant account!

Integration is easy and totally seamless with the most popular alternate 3rd Party Processors Online today. You can automate your entire eBusiness with your existing PayPal account.

Cydec is also now integrated with Amazon Payments, Google Wallet, and BitPay (BitCoin) with more on the way! Signup now with one of these other payment platforms if you don’t have an account yet, and want to accept credit card Online – without a merchant account.


Of course, you can also use your own Merchant Account and real-time gateway. We support many of the leading merchant account providers: Authorize.net and NMI

“The ability to use my PayPal account for processing made the decision easy for me to go with Cydec. I setup my first product and had it working perfectly with PayPal in just a few minutes.” — Chip Ashby

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Company News

  • May11

    NMI Integration

    We are now fully integrated with the payment processor Network Merchants Inc., (NMI)

  • May03

    Discount Groups

    We are excited to roll out advanced functionality that allows you to offer special discounts to your existing customers. Add a discount function to the Order Form, and if a customer qualifies for the discount their email will unlock the discount which is instantly subtracted from their order’s total.

  • Apr24

    Blocked User Database

    Do you have a customer who is always purchasing products just to process a charge back later? Now, you can add that customers name and email address to Blocked Users, and if that person tries to make a purchase they’ll see an error message telling them to contact support.