Comprehensive Campaign Tracking Tools

Stop guessing whether your marketing campaigns are working. Stop guessing, stop wondering, stop worrying. And stop wasting money!

Cydec’s ingenious Web Site Trackers calculate the “ad profitability” for every marketing campaign you launch, and instantly separates the winners from the losers. You’ll know which ones to keep, and which ones to dump!

Track ezine ads, banner swaps, pay-per-click keyword bids and much more. You can even track search engine traffic as well as keyword and keyphrase denominations! And for every campaign, you’ll know:

  • How many visitors (total & unique) that campaign has brought in.
  • How many sales that campaign created.
  • How big or small your return on investment is.
  • How many affiliates & subscribers that campaign generated.
  • Plus groups now allow you to categorize campaigns and see totals for all of the above per group!

It’s like getting a $70,000 a year marketing analyst — absolutely free!

Cydec instantly tracks traffic as soon as it reaches your web site so you can see where the traffic and sales came from. The system even tracks your expenses, and instantly calculates your net profit!

And not just for a single campaign — but for an unlimited number of campaigns! No limits! Track as many as you want with no extra charge.

Got affiliates? They get access to the same tools! So you don’t just sign up an affiliate, you turn them into highly effective marketing ninjas!

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