Are you a website owner, digital publisher, or information marketer?

Let us ask you a question.

How much time per day do you spend managing the backend of your business?

If you’re like most website owners…you’re spending hours upon hours.

What if you could automate and simplify 90% of the necessary but boring and repetitive tasks in your business?

Things like:

  • Tracking leads manually to see which campaigns are working?
  • Managing your affiliate program, let alone your affiliates?
  • Sending carefully-timed emails to each of your prospects?
  • Tracking clients as they move from prospect to customer?
  • Sorting out payment issues?

This type of grunt work is important if you want to succeed with an Internet.

But wouldn’t you rather have have more time to do the one thing that REALLY matters in your business? Making More Money!

Maybe it’s time you made your commitment to your business.

Maybe it’s time you learned the true secret to all successful businesses.

Maybe it’s time you stopped bleeding profits by the bucket-load, and figured out how the best businesses do it, day in, day out.


Does sound like you?

After years of…

  • Struggling to generate leads…
  • And then struggling to convert them to sales…
  • And then struggling to fulfill the sales…
  • And then struggling to manage the back-end sales channels…

All you end up with is what I call The Do-it-yourself Death Spiral.

You work hard to create the wealth, and then the work keeps you too busy to actually enjoy it. So you work harder. And lose more of the potential profits. So you work harder than that.

And realize you are missing out on life…

Maybe you don’t quite feel like the situation is that desperate. (You should.) Or maybe you’ve stayed up at night wondering about the contacts you lost, the customer records you no longer have, and the campaigns you’ve run…

… Always wondering what actually made you money, and where you let the cash slip through your hands. (And if you’re like most people, it’s a lot!)

It’s time to wise up to the plain simple fact:

There is no way to get rich if you do it all yourself.

How do traditional businesses like General Motors, IBM, Microsoft, and Kraft do it? How do the most successful online marketers do it?

The answer is…


You can’t do it all yourself. Not if you want to respond quickly, act decisively, and manage effectively. Not if you want to be successful in your business.

That’s why there’s a whole industry that’s grown up around automating your business. That’s because you need to get automated to make your business really thrive and accomplish your goals and dreams..

You need Cydec!

It doesn’t get any easier than using Cydec!

“As a pioneer of the Internet affiliate program (1997), I know automation is one of the great secrets to succeeding on the Internet. What you have created with Cydec is a truly superior and simple to use package that will allow any serious e-entrepreneur the opportunity to automate their business. Way to go Dustin, you will be saving a lot of people a lot of time and money!” — Rick Beneteau, People Building People

We know there are a lot of solutions out there who offer you parts of the automation solution. But Cydec is different: We’re the first solution that’s affordable, flexible, fast, and complete.

And Cydec is designed specifically for your web-based business.

Our beta sites, our testers, and the customers we let in on our secret new release all agree: It’s the best Cydec ever!

Enjoy life for a change.

“WOW!! You can automate virtually every aspect of your online business with Cydec. Now people can take time to enjoy life for a change. My business has already taken on a life of it’s own…” — Jerome Chapman

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Our customers are singing our praises because We make them money! With a new and powerful Cydec software core, Cydec now delivers — with over a hundred new features and improvements! For example:

  • Expanded Credit and Payment Options
  • New Alternative Payment Options
  • User Customized Order Forms
  • Exit Pop Offers on Order Forms
  • Social Discount Offers
  • Hidden / Appearing Order Forms
  • Key Integrations With 3rd Party Software
  • Prospect Lead Tracking
  • Advanced Email Statistics
  • Marketing Campaign Tracking Options
  • Customer Management Tools
  • Recurring Billing Products
  • Recurring Commission Calculations
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Superior Affiliate Tools and Resources
  • Superior Affiliate Management Center
  • Easy to Customize 1-Click Upsell Pages
  • Unlimited Upsell / Downsell Funnels
  • Digital Product Delivery Via the Customer Center
  • Membership Management Integration
  • User Voted New Features Based on Votes

And so much more!

With Cydec , you get a complete, step-by-step, integrated system that instantly gives you the power of BIG business tools, and affordable prices.

Making sales is as simple as adding a button to your website — that’s ANY product on ANY website, and you’re ready to start accepting orders online.

Use your existing merchant accounts, including: AuthorizeNet or NMI or use one of our many alternative payment solutions like: PayPal, AmazonPayments, Google Checkout and many others including BitPay (BitCoin).

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