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For sales related questions or to schedule a demo of Cydec, please email us at support@cydec.com

For support questions, please email us at support@cydec.com or if you are already a Cydec customer, please click “support” from inside your account or visit our Support Center for faster help.

For fastest response, please use our ‘Live Chat’ feature on our website at www.cydec.com during normal business hours, between 9AM and 5PM Eastern.

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Cydec Software, LLC
1698 SW 16th St
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Company News

  • May11

    NMI Integration

    We are now fully integrated with the payment processor Network Merchants Inc., (NMI)

  • May03

    Discount Groups

    We are excited to roll out advanced functionality that allows you to offer special discounts to your existing customers. Add a discount function to the Order Form, and if a customer qualifies for the discount their email will unlock the discount which is instantly subtracted from their order’s total.

  • Apr24

    Blocked User Database

    Do you have a customer who is always purchasing products just to process a charge back later? Now, you can add that customers name and email address to Blocked Users, and if that person tries to make a purchase they’ll see an error message telling them to contact support.