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Wishlist Member Integration

We’re excited to announce that we are now integrated with WishList Member, which is a fantastic plugin that allows you to run a memberships site on your WordPress blog. We use this plugin for our membership sites and highly recommend it.

This integration allows you to associate membership levels in your WishList Member settings with specific products in your Cydec account. When customers purchase these products through your Cydec shopping cart, the system automatically creates new a member in your WishList Member blog. The two systems stay in touch and if your customers stops paying for their monthly membership, their member account is automatically downgraded.

Company News

  • May11

    NMI Integration

    We are now fully integrated with the payment processor Network Merchants Inc., (NMI)

  • May03

    Discount Groups

    We are excited to roll out advanced functionality that allows you to offer special discounts to your existing customers. Add a discount function to the Order Form, and if a customer qualifies for the discount their email will unlock the discount which is instantly subtracted from their order’s total.

  • Apr24

    Blocked User Database

    Do you have a customer who is always purchasing products just to process a charge back later? Now, you can add that customers name and email address to Blocked Users, and if that person tries to make a purchase they’ll see an error message telling them to contact support.