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New Module: 1-Click Upsell System

The 1-Click Upsell System is hands-down the most powerful way to increase your bottom line, and it’s 100% automated. We’ve successfully used this system to boost customer value by over 460%. Here’s how it works:

  • 1 Click Opperation When your customer chooses to purchase one of your “back-end” offers, they system instantly and automatically recharges the card they just used to make the initial purchase. This means they don’t have to enter any further information, so you make more sales!
  • Create Unlimited Upsell / Downsell Paths After your customer makes a purchase you can show a special offer for a different product before they see your thank you page. If they say “Yes” you can show them another offer or send them to the thank you page. And if they say “No” you can show them yet another offer or send them to the thank you page. You can do this as many times as you want adding successive upsells and downsells to increase your per customer value.
  • Real-time credit card acceptance with your existing Merchant Account through many of the major processing gateways — including Authorize.net, Skipjack, eComExchange, and EMS.
  • Automated Digital Deliver After the upsell / downsell process is complete, your customer is automatically logged into your Customer Center, where they can see all their purchases and download all their digital products from one convenient location.
  • Custom HTML Each and every one of your back-end offers allows you to enter full HTML code (or plain text) so you can use all your best sales skills to increase conversions.
  • TRUE One-time & Special Offers Now you can honestly say to your customers that they will not see this offer again, because it is dynamically generated only after an initial purchase. Our test show that limited offers convert up to 40% or more!
  • Drop-dead Simple! Using the 1Click Upsell System couldn’t be easier. You simply enter the upsell text or HTML for the upsell product you want to sell and then tell the front-end product to show the upsell product before the thank you page. Done. And all your customers have to do is click one “Yes! Add to my order.” button at the bottom of your offer.
  • HUGE Sales Increases Using this system on our own products, we have turned $37 customers into $171 customers. That’s a 460% increase – all do to the 1Click Upsell System. We have 2 upsells and 3 downsells in this chain, and it works like magic!

Company News

  • May11

    NMI Integration

    We are now fully integrated with the payment processor Network Merchants Inc., (NMI)

  • May03

    Discount Groups

    We are excited to roll out advanced functionality that allows you to offer special discounts to your existing customers. Add a discount function to the Order Form, and if a customer qualifies for the discount their email will unlock the discount which is instantly subtracted from their order’s total.

  • Apr24

    Blocked User Database

    Do you have a customer who is always purchasing products just to process a charge back later? Now, you can add that customers name and email address to Blocked Users, and if that person tries to make a purchase they’ll see an error message telling them to contact support.